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During DPR IAN‘s interview for the Zach Sang Show, he discussed who he is now as an artist and reflected on his past years in the K-Pop industry as an idol. He revealed their lives aren’t always glitz and glamour, exposing the long-lasting negative effects that can result from being a K-Pop idol.

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Although DPR IAN was able to gain a fanbase from his years as the leader of disbanded group C-CLOWN, he couldn’t look back on those years fondly. When talking with Zach Sang, he mentioned how naive he’d been when “signing his life away.

But Jesus… The type of stuff I had to go through in that period of time was just absolute hell.

I had no idea. I walked into the lion’s den at that point.


DPR IAN talked about the “crazy experience” of his life as an idol and how difficult it had been to adjust as a Korean Australian—especially as someone who’d never known about K-Pop beforehand. He also shared his unawareness of its strict guidelines.

Not only is it me trying to adapt to the culture of Korea, but just initially being a product. I didn’t actually think they would take that literally.


Because of how high expectations are and how harsh the industry could be, DPR IAN confirmed that it took a toll on idols’ mental health. He said, “You hear about it all the time. You hear a lot of cases of people coming out and just falling into depression.

DPR IAN noted that it took a physical toll as well. He continued, “They have all types of disorders. I mean, that’ll do that to you, for sure.” Despite his tough times, DPR IAN noticed “it’s gotten way better” for newer idols.

Listen to DPR IAN confirm that the dark side of being a K-Pop idol can leave long-lasting mental and physical disorders that many former idols and trainees have come forward to reveal.


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