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Satisfy your Kpop passion with top-notch Kpop games. K-pop fan should not miss these awesome Kpop game.

BTS World official review

BTS World’s premise could have been lifted out of a self-insert fanfiction! BTS World is a storytelling sim...
Korean drama quiz

Korean Drama Quiz – chill and relaxable

When it comes to KDrama app, we will think about the app to watch a movie or news app about actors ... So...
Wannable Test: One - Wanna One reminiscence

Wannable Test: One – Wanna One’s reminiscence

We all know that Wanna One has stopped all activities, but that doesn't mean fans forget them. On August 2, Wannable also took over Twitter...
Once For Twice game feature photo

Once for Twice game review

What is love? If your answer is Twice, so you're an Once. Yes, or YES? There's a game would perfectly fit your...
Kpop golden age game featured image

Kpop Golden Age – recall wonderful things from the Golden Era of K-pop

Ahh, the Golden Era of K-pop. It was a time when the Hallyu Wave did not include the words “Gangnam Style,” and we all knew...