Nam Tae Hyun Personally Reassures Fans + Promises New Music Is Coming – KpopHit

On February 12, Nam Tae Hyun took to Instagram to personally reassure fans about his current condition.

Earlier that day, Nam Tae Hyun’s agency responded to fans expressing concern over the singer’s emotional state. Over the past few days, the singer had been seen crying and talking about the struggles of writing music during his live broadcasts.

In his most recent Instagram post, Nam Tae Hyun wrote:

I’m sorry for making you worry for the past few days. I have learned that driving yourself to the edge of a cliff is not the best way to have a conversation with music. Before the spring ends, I will greet you with the best music that I and South Club can make! And I will work in a more healthy way. Instead of suffocating, I will work hard with love and generosity. Thank you to the people who are always loving and cherishing me.

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