ZeroBaseOne’s Debut Song ‘In Bloom’ Selected as ‘Best K-Pop Single of the Year’ by a Famous British Magazine – KpopHit

Zero Base One’s debut song ‘In Bloom’ has been recognized as the best K-Pop single of the year. The renowned British magazine Vanity Teen featured ‘In Bloom’ in its list of ‘Top 23 K-Pop Singles of 2023’, published on their official website. This track, released in July, is the title song of Zero Base One’s debut album ‘Youth in the Shade’.

Vanity Teen highlighted Zero Base One as one of the most notable groups in the current 5th generation of the Korean music industry, setting multiple records in the process. The group, consisting of nine members, has made a significant impact with ‘In Bloom’, an enthusiastic debut song that showcases their extensive roots, influenced by 1980s music.

‘In Bloom’ symbolizes Zero Base One’s identity, brilliantly blooming through the love of their fans, known as ‘Zeroes’. The song represents the members’ determination to take a beautiful and meaningful first step towards ‘you’, despite being imperfect and immature. The track has gained immense popularity, surpassing 32 million streams on Spotify as of the morning of the 3rd day. Additionally, Zero Base One’s recent mini-album ‘Melting Point’, released on the 6th of last month, became a ‘double million seller’ with 2.13 million copies sold in its first week. This achievement, along with winning seven awards including four Rookie of the Year awards at music award ceremonies within just four months of debut, underscores their status as icons of the 5th generation in the music industry.



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