Yubin And Hyerim Share Heartfelt Messages About Their Departure From JYP – KpopHit

After JYP Entertainment announced that Yubin and Hyerim were parting ways with the agency, the two former Wonder Girls members took to Instagram to share their thoughts.

On January 28, Yubin wrote:

Hello, this is Yubin. On January 25, the 13-year journey that I had taken with JYP came to an end. A girl who just liked music and dancing was able to meet great colleagues, become part of Wonder Girls, experience performances that she had never imagined, and grow into a healthy artist. Thank you to the people at JYP who made that possible. I was really happy to be able to work in a good environment with good people and make good music. It was a huge piece of luck on my part. I will use what I’ve learned from JYP to show even more growth as an artist in future.

Thank you to PD Park Jin Young and CEO Jung Wook and everyone at JYP, who supported me trying new things and gave me so much good advice. Thank you also to my precious fans, who have cheered me on without fail. I will greet you with more good news in 2020. I wish you the best in the new year.

Hyerim, who studies at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and is fluent in English, wrote her message in both Korean and English.

My contract with JYP entertainment has come to an end. I want to thank our JYP family and to all the fans for your unconditional love and support. I have learned a lot and made unforgettable memories during the past 13 years in JYP. Although my contract has come to an end, we will always support each other like family. Here comes a new start! Thank you so much once again!

Wishing them the best in future!

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