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Yoon Seo Bin is known for the first time through the survival show Produce X 101. Right from the reveal stage, Yoon Seo Bin has attracted all the attention when wearing the title of trainee from JYP, not yet, Seo Bin is also extremely confident when stepping on the chair for 1st class trainees, making everyone curious about his talent. However, when Yoon Seo Bin's audition was not broadcasted, a huge scandal happened, and a person claiming to be a classmate of a male trainee accused that Seo Bin was a gangster who often bullied others. high school time. Immediately after this rumor broke out, many fans asked Mnet to remove Seo Bin from Produce X 101, and the result of this noise was that he had to leave the competition, JYP also canceled the contract. Seo Bin officially left the company and lost the opportunity to debut with X1, his talent was also left open.

 Yoon Seo Bin was first known as a JYP trainee in Produce X 101 Yoon Seo Bin was first known as a JYP trainee in Produce X 101
 The image sparked controversy over Seo Bin's past The image sparked controversy over Seo Bin's past

Yoon Seo Bin appeared confidently at Produce X 101

After a long period of silence, Yoon Seo Bin found a new management company, which is Sublime – the home of Hani, Hyomin and Nayoung. Recently, Yoon Seo Bin held a fan meeting and performed some cover songs like There's nothing holdin 'me back – Shawn Mendes, Breath – Lee Hi and Miracles In December – EXO. This is the first time fans have witnessed Seo Bin's vocals, he can see that he possesses an extremely powerful voice, many fans have expected Seo Bin to become soon. one of Kpop's most prominent singers.

 Yoon Seo Bin at the fan meeting Yoon Seo Bin at the fan meeting

The cover of Miracles in December (EXO) received a "rain of compliments" from Yoon Seo Bin

JYP has always been known for strict rules, especially about personality, after the scandal of Seo Bin broke out, JYP immediately posted a notice of contract termination: "Hello. This is JYP Entertainment. We would like to announce the incident regarding trainee Yoon Seo Bin. JYP Entertainment decided to terminate the trainee contract between the company and Yoon Seo Bin, who appeared on Mnet's Produce X 101 because we believed he had committed acts that did not conform to the policies and criteria. of the company. In addition, Yoon Seo Bin will also be leaving the show. ” After leaving JYP, Yoon Seo Bin's image was seriously affected, but when witnessing his talent, everyone believed that if he was well invested, Yoon Seo Bin would surely succeed with his voice. yourself. The new company makes the career of the former JYP trainee more hopeful, fans are now looking forward to his debut in the future.

 Yoon Seo Bin has high expectations after showing his talents Yoon Seo Bin has high expectations after showing his talents

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