YGE apologizes for WINNER’s Mino doing impromptu club performance during COVID-19 pandemic – Asian Junkie – KpopHit


Following KARA’s Gyuri being called out for going clubbing despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, WINNER’s Mino was the next to be reported on. Fortunately it wasn’t attached to the Itaewon club issues, but YG Entertainment admitted it was him and apologized.

On May 12, Dispatch reported that Song Mino visited a club located in Yangyang County in Gangwon Province on May 3. The report includes photos that are described as Song Mino doing a spontaneous performance of his song “Fiancé” using a microphone at the DJ box. Following the report, YG Entertainment stated, “We have confirmed that Song Mino recently went on a private trip with his acquaintances. We apologize for causing everyone concern. We will be more mindful and ask [Song Mino] to carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene and social distancing.”

As with Gyuri, none of the celebs “caught” were doing anything technically illegal, but in terms of taking precautions during the ongoing pandemic, this hardly comes off as essential activities and will understandably be met coldly considering any outbreaks that stem from this kind of stuff will impact essential activities.

Source: AsianJunkie

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