WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo On How He Changes When He Drinks, Shares Thoughts On Being Careful In His Private Life

Kim Jin Woo, five years since his debut with WINNER, has at last released his first solo album.

On all the changes that have happened at YG Entertainment recently, Kim Jin Woo said, “Just because I made my solo debut at a changed YG doesn’t mean much has changed for my debut. I’m just thankful for the fans who waited for me.”

He added that his fellow WINNER members have given him lots of support. “They told me to show new sides of myself. But being by myself is weird, and I feel naked. I just want to do my best.”

The singer revealed that for his title track, he wanted something like G-Dragon’s “Untitled.” “Working with songwriters, we got ‘Call Anytime,’ and it was a better fit.” Kim Jin Woo added, “I don’t write my own songs. But I’ve gained confidence for a solo debut, and the timing was right, so I came out with a solo album.”

His goal is to break away from his “pretty boy” image. He said, “First of all, I’m very masculine. When I drink, I become tough. I can curse, and I can get angry. I’m not so much a perfectionist, but I do persist until I’m satisfied with something.”

On being careful in his private life, Kim Jin Woo said he doesn’t obsess over it, although he believes it’s basic etiquette as a public figure. He revealed that as a preventative measure, he didn’t get a driver’s license.

Kim Jin Woo’s first solo single album “JINU’s HEYDAY” dropped August 14. Check out the music video for “Call Anytime” featuring Song Mino here.

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