WINNER’s Jinwoo Is Under Fire For What Some Claim To Be Cultural Appropriation – KpopHit

WINNER‘s Jinwoo is currently under fire for some people claim to be cultural appropriation, specifically of the black culture.

In a now-deleted video that was originally uploaded to fellow WINNER member Lee Seunghoon‘s Instagram story, Jinwoo could be seen wearing a black wig with cornrows, and saying “Skrrt”, which is an ad-lib often used by rappers in their songs.

In the video, Jinwoo could be seen playing with the wig, and his staff members in the background were also laughing at his actions.

However, some fans are expressing their disappointment in Jinwoo for wearing a wig that has a cultural value, the way he is saying “Skrrt”, which is more often used by people of color, and both his and Seunghoon’s inappropriate reaction, uploading the video to social media.

Others are also calling for Jinwoo and Seunghoon, who uploaded the video, to recognize their mistakes and apologize.

Neither Jinwoo, Seunghoon, nor YG Entertainment have released a statement about this incident yet.

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