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Sandara Park and WINNER‘s Jinu are reminding everyone just how cute they are in their #DDeumChallenge video!

Image: @daraxxi/Instagram

Making their return on March 26 with their pre-release single “Hold”, WINNER immediately stole everyone’s heart with their playful song and fun music video. To have even more fun with fans, WINNER also decided to announce their #DDeumChallenge and even dropped a dance tutorial for the song!

Through their official TikTok, WINNER released the first video showing the first team to take on the dance challenge— Jinu and Dara! Over the years, Dara has recruited several of her hoobaes to join her cutie line. As Jinu is a proud member of this line, fans were expecting some adorable cutie line moments from the duo as soon as they saw the two would be taking the challenge together!

Luckily, exactly what fans got! As Jinu and Dara hopped, kicked, and danced their way through the song they let their cute sides run wild and delivered with a seriously adorable video!

Seeing the cutie line in action immediately had fans grinning from ear to ear…

@wn_tiktok##WINNER ##위너 ##JINU ##진우 ##DARA ##다라 ##뜸 ##Hold ##DDeumChallenge ##뜸챌린지 ##YG

♬ 뜸(Hold) – WINNER

And those smiles got even bigger when they spotted Dara not only promoting WINNER but giving a nod to her cutie line hoobae through Instagram and Twitter!

Jinu and Dara!!! Cutie line’s #DDeumChallenge. This song is very much my style! Perfect for the cutie line~!! #WINNER #ddeum #dara #jinu The two idiots who don’t know the first part ㅋㅋㅋ Noona will always support you!!!

Could they get any cuter!

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