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WINNER recently wrapped up their CROSS tour with a special livestream where they dished on all kinds of topics including their epic BLACKPINK performance.

Although WINNER was originally supposed to meet fans one more time for an encore concert in Seoul, due to the concerns about the possible spread of coronavirus, the encore was ultimately canceled. That, however, didn’t stop WINNER from meeting with fans. In a special live on February 14, WINNER met with fans and revealed everything from what kind of prep work they had done for their encore to how much fun they had with fans throughout their tour.

Image: @official_yoon_/Twitter

Additionally, WINNER also opened up about embracing their BLACKPINK alter egos and performing a now-legendary cover of BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” at their Bangkok tour stop.

Their transformation into WINPINK was a huge hit among BLINKs and Inner Circles alike, especially since it proved what an amazing friendship the two groups have. And it turns out this performance was all because of this friendship! Wanting to do something special since Lisa is from Thailand, WINNER specially prepared that stage for their Bangkok concert!

We specially prepared that performance for our Bangkok concert because Lisa is from Thailand.

— Hoony

Hoony had originally suggested the idea and although Yoon revealed he was initially unsure about it, he was really glad that they had done so! Additionally, Yoon revealed that they had recorded a special band arrangement of the song that was adjusted for their personal key.

Image: @tabiyeong/Twitter

I was really glad that we did it after we performed. I thought, ‘Of course, that’s Lee Seunghoon for you!’

— Yoon

Best of all, however, after revealing the story behind their performance, WINPINK made a comeback to deliver a super fun encore performance!

Fans are absolutely loving the return of WINPINK, so make sure you check out their encore below:

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