Will Jung Kook be the global “main pop boy” to replace Justin Bieber?

The debut album caused a global storm

On July 14, Jung Kook marked his debut as an independent artist with a single Seven. The UK Garage mix opens up a new wave of music, “breaking” all music charts from domestic to international. MV Seven starring Han So Hee immediately became a trending topic on social media platforms. In the summer of 2023, Jung Kook brought a true fever, paving the way for a long-term personal promotion that lasted for half a year.

Will Jung Kook be the global

Seven – Jung Kook's global hit

Two months later Seven, On September 29, Jung Kook continued to introduce his second single – 3D, in collaboration with famous rapper Jack Harlow. This is the perfect stepping stone for Jung Kook to prolong the heat and focus on the official album Golden will be released in early November.

Looking at a few achievements during the promotional period before the album, Jung Kook has created a series of top records. Seven debuted right at the throne Billboard Hot 100, Quickly unlock streaming milestones on Spotify. 3D Even though the song was released in the middle of the promotion, it still excelled at #5 Hot 100. Both songs are the hottest trends among young people. Crossing the Korean border, Jung Kook took his first steps on the journey to becoming a pop star.

Will Jung Kook be the global

The album Golden was released, a turning point that affirmed Jung Kook's name on the world music map

Albums Golden debuted, was a turning point that affirmed Jung Kook's name on the world music map. Jung Kook's personal career far exceeds that of his group members. Album sales brought him straight to runner-up position Billboard 200, ranked only behind “music industry” Taylor Swift with more than 220 thousand copies sold in the US. At the same time, the song Seven Reaching the milestone of 1 billion streams on Spotify, Jung Kook overtook Miley Cyrus to become the artist whose products reached this milestone the fastest in history.

Will Jung Kook be the global

During the release of the album Golden, Jung Kook alone occupied 4 positions on the Hot 100 chart.

During the album release Golden, Jung Kook alone occupies 4 positions on the chart Hot 100, The highest position belongs to the title song Standing Next To You (#5). Up to now, Jung Kook has surpassed 3 billion streams on Spotify – a huge number for a Kpop solo artist. These are achievements that no idol has been able to achieve in the international market.

Jung Kook's name covered stages at GMA, Global Citizen Festival and especially a surprise performance right in the middle of Times Square. Jung Kook has become a top sought-after name, not only with the Army community around the world.

The solid foundation from HYBE brings a series of “unique” collaboration opportunities.

Behind Jung Kook's explosive debut, it is impossible not to mention the solid support from the emerging entertainment empire HYBE. After the global success of BTS, Big Hit transformed itself into one of the largest and most powerful entertainment corporations in Korea, even surpassing the BIG 3 companies (SM, YG, JYP). In 2023, HYBE is still at the top of the chart, owning a series of artists at the top of revenue and influence even though BTS is on hiatus.

Before officially enlisting, the 7 BTS members all successfully completed their solo debut, between July 2022 and December 2023. And it can be seen that Jung Kook is the person with the biggest investment.

Will Jung Kook be the global

The team involved in producing Jung Kook's debut album is full of top names

Not producing a regular Kpop album, Jung Kook released an 11-track full English album with an international team. In the US, HYBE has soon increased its influence when acquiring Scooter Braun's Ithaca Holdings since 2021. Look at the list of album production credits Golden, It's not difficult to recognize familiar names that have made products for Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

In particular, two billion-view stars Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes also participated in composing songs on the album Golden. This is the first time a Kpop star has attracted such a huge team to a debut product. Jung Kook's musical color is also methodically built, inheriting characteristics from top pop icons. So much so that Korean critics commented that Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber could be seen at the same time in one playlist (album). Golden).

Will Jung Kook be the global

Jung Kook brings images of pop icons in Golden, strongly inspired by Michael Jackson with Standing Next to You

Just in his debut album, Jung Kook collaborated with Latto and Jack Harlow and also released remix versions, collaborating with Justin Timberlake and Usher. Jung Kook is also a name that attracts fans to contribute his voice to the song Too Much by The Kid Laroi, who made waves with his super hit Stay. It is not difficult to see the development direction of global star Jung Kook. The team has measured and measured just enough to balance popularity, combined with a series of famous rappers, creating catchy music, highly contagious, and at the forefront of trends.

Jung Kook continuously collabs with top American artists

Jung Kook has enough ability and potential to become a new generation “main pop boy”, almost applying the star-making formula of the Chinese music industry in his debut album. To do that, the launch pad from HYBE is an indispensable factor to bring his name beyond the Korean border.

Why Jung Kook?

BTS has 7 members, a whole that is difficult to separate. During 10 years of operation, BTS accompanied from negative numbers to the peak of their career, contributing significantly to the mission of bringing Kpop to the world. When separated, each member has a different, strong and unique musical personality. The 7 debuts have proven the influence of each of those musical personalities. It can be seen that Jung Kook is the one who can “break” the world music industry, the name that promises to be the global “main pop boy”.

Will Jung Kook be the global

Without the companionship of the members, Jung Kook conquered groundbreaking milestones on his own, enrolling in the ranks of new generation pop stars.

Without the companionship of the members, Jung Kook conquered groundbreaking milestones on his own, enrolling in the ranks of new generation pop stars. Jung Kook's transformation from BTS's “golden maknae” to becoming a popstar was positively commented on by the American media.

NME predicts that Jung Kook will soon “dominate” the music industry, after Justin Timberlake – the pop prince of the 2000s and Justin Bieber – the representative of the 2010s: “Every decade has a 'pop king'. But there is still no male solo star successful enough in the 2020s. Jung Kook has proven he is more than capable of carrying out that mission with Golden. The 2020s have finally found the ‘king of pop’ and Golden has secured him the throne.”

Will Jung Kook be the global

NME predicts that Jung Kook will soon “dominate” the music industry, after Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber

Jung Kook's success is explained by both theory and practice. Among them, the talent factor is undeniable. Starting as a Kpop idol, Jung Kook has spent time in the standard “training furnace” of the cultural export entertainment industry. The idol's skill set has been cultivated for more than a decade, resulting in exceptional stage presence. Not to mention, Jung Kook also has the advantage of good-looking visuals and a personal style shaped by a strict entertainment industry like Kpop.

Will Jung Kook be the global

Even though he came out of the industry, Jung Kook is still a star with a strong personality, ignoring the Kpop stereotype

Even though he came out of the industry, Jung Kook is still a star with a strong personality. He ignores the Kpop stereotype and is comfortable with an arm full of tattoos. Talking about the success of the Golden album, the production team had to admit: “Jung Kook's natural talent and perfectionist tendencies have raised the level of perfection for the product.”

It is no coincidence that Jung Kook became the name chosen to promote the international market. In the BTS lineup, he is the most fan-attracting factor. A large fandom ready to support has helped Jung Kook reach formidable milestones and maintain his achievements. Compared to other young talents in America, Jung Kook is different because he is a Kpop idol. He also cleverly balances the two markets by promoting in parallel in both Korea and North America.

Will Jung Kook be the global

As the main vocal of BTS, Jung Kook's talent is undeniable

With the available advantages, Jung Kook is the brightest name to become the new generation “main pop boy”. After his overwhelming debut album, the audience is extremely looking forward to Jung Kook's World Tour. However, right when they were extremely successful, the youngest member of BTS chose to pause for 2 years to perform military service. Even though it's a bit hasty, this is something that will have to happen.

The promise of BTS returning in 2025 will soon be fulfilled when the members agree on the enlistment time. Jung Kook had a debut strong enough to make his name a top star, fans have even more expectations for his long-term career. Millions of fans around the world are ready to wait and bring Jung Kook to the top once again.

Source: Kenh14.vn

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