Who did K-netizens choose as the most popular girl group, boy group, female idol, and male idol of 2023?

The year 2023 has witnessed a whirlwind of talent with captivating performances and chart-topping hits. As the year comes to a close, netizens and K-pop enthusiasts are looking back at the year and recounting the best and most popular K-pop acts.

In a recent online community post, netizens flocked to a widely recognized virtual community to discuss and share their selections for the K-pop idols who left the biggest mark in 2023.

So here are some of the K-pop idols who were the most popular in 2023!

Girl group:


Boy group:


Female idol (individual):

Jang Won Young 

Male idol (individual):


Other Korean netizens joined the conversation and commented, “I thought  (G)I-DLE would be the most popular girl group this year. Everyone knows ‘Queen Card’,” “I agree with this list,” “Wonyoung is so gorgeous,” “I don’t think anyone can be removed from this list, lol,” “This is so correct,” “I agree,” “Can’t argue with this list,” “Wouldn’t it be Jisoo?” “I think we can add more artists to this list but no one to remove,” “I think Karina would be my choice for the female idol,” and “Good list.”

What are your thoughts on this topic? Who are the most popular K-pop idols in 2023 according to your standard? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: from www.allkpop.com

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