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For the past week, it is freezing in Korea and it looks like the news of WEi
‘s Kim YoHan being chosen as the new model for ‘North Face’ White Balance is going to warm many people!

On Jan. 14, OUI Entertainment announced that the idol was chosen to model for ‘North Face’ White Balance for 2021 Spring/Summer season.

WEi's Kim YoHan Becomes The New Model For 'North Face' White Balance

North Face

Fans might already know that Kim YoHan used to be a national Taekwondo athlete and he had proved his popularity through Mnet “Produce X 101”. In addition, he had showed off his acting skills through his debut as an actor on “A Love So Beautiful”.

With that being said a representative from ‘North Face’ mentioned that they had decided to choose Kim YoHan because of his ability to excel in different areas and also his charms as a rising idol. They hope to be able to promote the brand together with a wide range of future contents.

WEi's Kim YoHan Becomes The New Model For 'North Face' White Balance

North Face

Those who had heard the news are excited and happy for Kim YoHan that he is in hot demand from many different companies. Just a couple of days ago, WEi had also celebrated their 100 days since debut.

They had also hinted that they are preparing for a new album, raising the excitement for many.

Are you looking forward to the future contents by ‘North Face’ with Kim YoHan?


Source: www.kpopmap.com

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