Watch: Song Joong Ki Promises To Save Kim Ji Won In “Arthdal Chronicles” Teaser

Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won star in another striking teaser for “Arthdal Chronicles”!

tvN’s new weekend drama “Arthdal Chronicles” will weave an exciting tale of heroes who create their own legends in the ancient land called Arth. The drama will take place in the mythical city of Arthdal, the capital city of the Gojoseon kingdom. Song Joong Ki will take on the role of Eun Seom, who tries to protect the Wahan Tribe, and Kim Ji Won will be playing Tan Ya, who is a successor of the Wahan clan.

The teaser begins with Eun Seom asking, “Where is he?” to question the whereabouts of Ta Gon (played by Jang Dong Gun). The answer he receives is “Arthdal.” Scenes depicting Eun Seom in battle and Tan Ya being captured are shown. With a determined voice, he says, “I will save Wahan from Arthdal,” and Eun Seom continues to display his bravery, asking, “What can I sign up for?”

As Eun Seom flings himself off a cliff into water, the words ring out, “Son of a monster,” and “That is your fate.” Near the end of the teaser, he claims with charisma, “I am Eun Seom, warrior of Wahan.” The scene finally flips over to Kim Ji Won being dragged away with Song Joong Ki’s voice over saying, “I promise to save you again. You must stay alive.”

The show will premiere June 1 at 9 p.m. KST.

Watch the full teaser below!

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