Watch: “Running Man” Previews Exciting Episode With Lee Kwang Soo’s Return + Kang Daniel’s Guest Appearance

Lee Kwang Soo is returning after a brief hiatus to SBS’s “Running Man!”

In February, Lee Kwang Soo took a break from all scheduled activities, including filming for “Running Man,” after he was injured in a car accident.

A preview for the upcoming March 22 episode of “Running Man” features Lee Kwang Soo’s triumphant return, with the cast getting up to welcome him home. However, the preview hints that he might have become even weirder during his brief absence.

The preview also shows the guests for next week: actress Lee Il Hwa, comedienne Park Mi Sun, actress Hwang Young Hee, and Kang Daniel. Lee Il Hwa plays the role of the “generous mother,” Park Mi Sun the “scary mother,” Hwang Young Hee the “salon mother,” and Kang Daniel the “son.”

Check out the preview below!

Check out full episodes of “Running Man” here:

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