Watch: “Running Man” Cast + Park Ha Na Play Thrilling Game Of Cops And Robbers In New Preview

Robbers will run abound on “Running Man”!

On January 26, SBS gave viewers a peek at next week’s episode.

In the clip, the members walk around a mansion in search of a diamond-encrusted necklace that has an appraisal value of 30 billion won (approximately $25.6 million).

“Running Man” members take on various roles to find this treasure. Yang Se Chan tries to break the safe while Song Ji Hyo tries to hack a laptop. The cast is joined by actress Park Ha Na, and they dash around the mansion together with a three-hour time limit.

With tempting traps and various hidden cameras watching their every move, the nine “thieves” are put to the test to find the one piece of treasure.

The clip concludes with Jun So Min sitting in front of a laptop. She gasps and covers her mouth, revealing, “It worked.” Yang Se Chan replies, “Don’t joke around. Are you for real?”

Check out the preview below:

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