Watch: Ong Seong Wu Returns With Expressive “GRAVITY” MV + Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Photos And Shoutout

Singer Ong Seong Wu is back with his first mini album “LAYERS”!

Ong Seong Wu participated in composing and writing the lyrics for all six songs in the album, which includes his previous digital single “WE BELONG.” Through “LAYERS,” Ong Seong Wu reveals the emotions he experienced throughout his life until finally becoming his current self, and each new song represents the keywords “attraction,” “consolation,” “emptiness,” “realization,” and “curiosity.”

The title track “GRAVITY” dynamically portrays the story of someone who breaks out of their empty, aimless life and gains courage through the attraction or gravitation they feel for someone else. The evocative song is further enhanced by Ong Seong Wu’s strong vocals.

The music video for “GRAVITY” showcases his other forte, acting. Ong Seong Wu showed his abilities as an actor through his recent drama “Moments of 18,” and he does it again in his new music video.

Watch the cinematic music video here:

Here is a special message from Ong Seong Wu for Kpop fans:

Check out exclusive behind-the-scenes images from the album photo shoot!

Thanks to Fantagio for providing the photos!

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