WATCH: NewJeans and Stray Kids set the stage ablaze at 2023 Billboard Music Awards |

The 2023 Billboard Music Awards, held on November 19, witnessed an electrifying celebration of K-pop, with the introduction of four new categories recognizing the genre’s global impact. NewJeans and Stray Kids emerged as major winners, each leaving their mark on the prestigious event.
NewJeans, crowned as the Top Global K-Pop Artist, not only clinched the award but also graced the stage with a mesmerizing performance.They showcased their chart-toppers “Super Shy” and “OMG,” captivating the audience with their talent and energy. Hanni, a member of NewJeans, expressed gratitude, stating, “To have been nominated alongside such incredible artists is an honor in itself.”
Minji, another member of NewJeans, added, “This award will be a reminder to us for all the love and support we’ve received from our fans, BUNNIES. We’ll try our hardest every day to make it up to our fans.” Their victory was not just a triumph for the group but a testament to the unwavering support of their dedicated fan base.

On the other side of the spectrum, Stray Kids seized the spotlight by winning the Top K-Pop Album award for “5-STAR.” The group delivered a powerful performance of “S-Class,” the title track from the winning album, and their recent comeback track “LALALALA,” released just a day before the awards.
Bang Chan, a member of Stray Kids, expressed gratitude to their fan club STAY, acknowledging the pivotal role played by their supporters. “Without the love and support from everyone, we would probably not have made it this far,” he remarked. Changbin, another member, emphasized the significance of the award, attributing it to the immense love shown by STAY, enabling them to return with even better music.

The 2023 Billboard Music Awards highlighted the global impact of K-pop, with these new categories recognizing the genre’s influence. As NewJeans and Stray Kids continue to shine on the international stage, their victories underscore the dedication of both the artists and their passionate fan bases.

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