Watch: Nana And Jang Ki Yong Give Their All For Action Scenes + Have Great Chemistry In “Kill It” Making Video

OCN’s “Kill It” has shared a new making video of the seventh and eighth episodes of the series.

“Kill It” tells the story of a killer-turned veterinarian Kim Soo Hyun (Jang Ki Yong) and a detective who is on the hunt for a murderer Do Hyun Jin (Nana).

The video first follows leads Nana and Jang Ki Yong as they prepare for an action scene. With the help of stunt coordinators, the two actors go over their movements over and over again to make sure they’re perfect when cameras are rolling. The scene that’s filmed is physically taxing, but Nana never loses the smile on her face even when she’s accidentally tripping over or hurting her wrist in a pair of handcuffs. The staff ask her if she’s okay and replies, “As long as the scene came out right, I’m okay.”

Jang Ki Yong is going over his own scenes and he’s surprised when the stunt actor tells him to really hit him with a prop. He asks multiple times just to be sure but is still worried he might hurt someone. When he’s told he can miss slightly, Jang Ki Yong looks reassured and is finally able to put his full force into his movements.

Both Nana and Jang Ki Yong also have great chemistry with their fellow cast, playing out pretend scenarios and striking up friendly conversations when cameras aren’t rolling. Laughter doesn’t leave the set as the actors get along and have fun together.

Watch the video below!

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