Watch: Nam Ji Hyun And Lee Joon Hyuk Are On The Edge Of Despair In New Drama Teasers

MBC’s upcoming drama “365: Repeat the Year” has dropped its first character teasers!

“365: Repeat the Year” is about a mysterious survival game that unfolds when 10 people “reset” their lives by going back in time to exactly one year ago. All of the “resetters” return to the past in hopes of a better life, but they end up trapped in an unpredictable new fate as things take an unexpected turn.

Nam Ji Hyun plays Shin Ga Hyun, a successful webtoon artist with perfectionist and workaholic tendencies. Her character teaser shows her falling to her knees in despair outside an emergency room.

Lee Joon Hyuk plays Ji Hyung Joo, a fiercely loyal homicide detective with an impressive memory. In his character teaser, he opens a door with bloodied hands and is shocked and horrified by what he sees inside.

The captions for both teasers read, “That day… my world fell apart.”

“365: Repeat the Year” will premiere on March 23 at 8:55 p.m. KST.

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