Watch: Na Eun, Gun Hoo, And Park Joo Ho Revisit Memories Before Taking Hiatus From “The Return Of Superman” – KpopHit

Park Joo Ho and his family said goodbye to “The Return of Superman” this week as they went on hiatus to prepare for the birth of their new child.

Park Joo Hoo and his wife, Anna, welcomed their third child on January 13, 2020. In order to prepare for the birth, the family returned to Switzerland, Anna’s home country, and announced they were taking a hiatus from the show as a result.

The January 26 episode of “The Return of Superman” showed Park Joo Ho, Na Eun, and Gun Hoo final filming before they headed to the airport to go to Switzerland. Park Joo Ho prepared a collage of photos of Na Eun and Gun Hoo so they could revisit the memories they made together over the past year and a half they’ve been on the show.

Park Joo Ho looked at a photo of their first day on the show and said, “I can never forget that day.” Na Eun shared that she also remembered that day, including Park Joo Ho being afraid of the ferris wheel and getting to ride a carousel.

The family also laughed over the first time that Gun Hoo, normally a calm and gentle baby, got angry and learned how to express his feelings (“You can’t do this!”). More recently, however, Gun Hoo matured enough to forgive his father within three seconds instead of staying angry.

Park Joo Ho said in an interview, “I loved that I was able to go to new places with the kids, and that the moments of Na Eun and Gun Hoo’s happiness and growth were captured on film.” At this point, Na Eun surprised her father with a birthday cake made of Choco Pies. Park Joo Ho said to the viewers, “Thank you for everything up until now” and Na Eun said, “Let’s meet again!”

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