Watch: MONSTA X Reveals Which Male Idols Are Their Fans In Preview For “TMI News”

MONSTA X talks about their male fans and which male idols are Monbebes on “TMI News.”

“TMI News” is a variety show where idols talk about the news and tips that fans send into the show about their favorite groups or artists.

In the preview, the hosts and MONSTA X discuss the group’s large male fanbase, which includes many familiar idols. Shownu shared that BTOB would often feel and comment his and Wonho’s muscles. Minhyuk added that whenever Kang Daniel came to greet him, he would always feel his muscles.

Joohoney also revealed that in his case, he had a lot of policemen as fans. Other members agreed, sharing that when they were all together, policemen would gravitate to Joohoney and call out his name. MC Jun Hyun Moo shared another tip that someone in the group has a body that BTS’s Jin admires, which turned out to be Wonho. Minhyuk then added that some trainees had pictures of him as their profile photo.

The show then revealed that they had carried out a survey where they asked male students who their favorite MONSTA X member was and teased the reveal of the results in the upcoming episode.

“TMI News” airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. KST.

Check out the preview for MONSTA X’s episode of “TMI News” below!

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