Watch: Lee Se Young And Ji Sung Face Tension With Lives On The Line In “Doctor John” Teaser

SBS’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor John” has released a new highlight video!

“Doctor John” tells the story of doctors who try to uncover the unknown causes of pain felt by chronically ill patients. The drama stars Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, and Lee Kyu Hyung.

The video starts off with a security guard in the background telling a story of a “crazy guy” who got scratched across his chest and proceeded to sew himself back up without using anesthesia. However, the story is cut off when a prison inmate suddenly experiences a medical emergency. Resident Kang Si Young (Lee Se Young) is lost as to what the cause is, but Cha Yo Han (Ji Sung) gives her the answer, showing off his vast knowledge and eventually impressing Lee Yoo Joon (Hwang Hee).

Cha Yo Han is also shown criticizing Kang Si Young for her lack of knowledge, causing her to explode, “I did a good job for my first time!” Cha Yo Han coldly replies by telling her to go back to school if she wants to be coddled. Nonetheless, Cha Yo Han seems to be unaware of Kang Si Young’s hidden past accident as she says, “This person doesn’t know what I’ve gone through.”

Tension continues to build again as another prisoner falls sick. Cha Yo Han desperately looks for Kang Si Young, and when they finally meet, he says, “If this patient dies tonight, it’s not because of disease but because a doctor didn’t do anything.” Unfortunately, Lee Yoo Joon doesn’t believe Kang Si Young when she tells him that the patient has a rare disease.

Eventually, Kang Si Young learns the reason behind Cha Yo Han’s imprisonment, which was because of illegal euthanasia. When Kang Si Young confronts Cha Yo Han, he asks her if she’s ever given up on a patient and if they were able to be saved. Kang Si Young emotionally answers, “No, it wasn’t a patient I could save!” However, with his help and inspiration, Kang Si Young eventually gains the courage to save her patient.

In the final scenes, Kwon Suk (Jung Jae Sung) and Tae Kyung (Kim Hye Eun) fight over whether Cha Yo Han is qualified as a doctor or not, all the while Cha Yo Han calmly shows off his skills after joining the same hospital department Kang Si Young works in. The two reunite as Cha Yo Han says, “We meet again.”

“Doctor John” premieres on July 19 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki with English subtitles. Catch the full highlight video below!

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