Watch: Kep1er Takes 2nd Win For “WA DA DA” On “Music Bank”; Performances By TVXQ’s Changmin, ENHYPEN, And More – KpopHit

The January 14 episode of “Music Bank” featured Kep1er’s “WA DA DA” and IU’s “Winter Sleep” as candidates for first place. Kep1er took their second win for “WA DA DA” with 3,678 points over 3,570 points for “Winter Sleep.”

This week’s performers include ENHYPEN, H1-KEY, OnlyOneOf, P1Harmony, Rocking Doll, woo!ah!, WEi’s Kim Yo Han, MOMOLAND, MIRAE, BLITZERS, cignature, UP10TION, ONEWE, WJSN CHOCOME, TVXQ’s Changmin, Kep1er, and Hyolyn.

Winner Announcement:

Watch this week’s performances:

Swan – “Road in the Light”

Rocking Doll – “Rocking Doll”


H1-KEY – “Athletic Girl”


MIRAE – “Marvelous”

woo!ah! – “Catch the Stars”

P1Harmony – “Do It Like This”

OnlyOneOf – “skinz”

Kim Yo Han – “DESSERT”

cignature – “Boyfriend”

ONEWE – “Universe_”

ENHYPEN – “Blessed-Cursed”

WJSN CHOCOME – “Super Yuppers!”

MOMOLAND – “Yummy Yummy Love”

UP10TION – “Crazy About You”

Hyolyn – “Layin’ Low”

Changmin – “Devil”

Kep1er – “WA DA DA”

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