Watch: Kang Daniel Takes 4th Win For “PARANOIA” On “Music Core”; Performances By SHINee, Sunmi, Wonho, And More – KpopHit

On the February 27 episode of “Music Core,” IU‘s “Celebrity,” Kang Daniel’s “PARANOIA,” and Chungha’s “Bicycle” were candidates for first place. Kang Daniel took home the win with 10,323 votes, making this his fourth win for “PARANOIA.”

This week’s performers include Sunmi, SHINee, Wonho, N.Flying’s Lee Seung Hyub (J.Don), ONF, UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok, Chungha, Kang Daniel, Golden Child, Song Ga In, CIX, WEi, LUCY, and TRI.BE.

Check out this week’s performances below!

LUCY – “Hero”


WEi – “All or Nothing”

CIX – “Cinema”

Golden Child – “Breathe”

ONF – “Beautiful Beautiful”

Song Ga In – “I Like Trot” (Disco version)

Wonho – “Lose”

Lee Seung Hyub (J.Don) – “Superstar (featuring Hae Yoon)”

Lee Seung Hyub (J.Don) – “Clicker”

Kim Woo Seok – “Sugar”

Chungha – “Bicycle”

Kang Daniel – “PARANOIA”

Sunmi – “TAIL”

SHINee – “Heart Attack”

SHINee – “Kind”

SHINee – “Don’t Call Me”

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