Watch: Jang Nara Slaps Lee Sang Yoon And Pyo Ye Jin For Intense Confrontation Scene In “VIP” – KpopHit

“VIP” has released a new behind-the-scenes video of its cast!

The clip begins with Jang Nara, Pyo Ye Jin, and Lee Sang Yoon preparing for a tension-filled scene in which Na Jung Sun physically confronts Park Sung Joon and Ohn Yoo Ri. Jang Nara insists that she can’t get too emotional since it will be dangerous for her co-stars, but Lee Sang Yoon and Pyo Ye Jin calm her nerves by making jokes. Jang Nara makes sure to rehearse the scene before the cameras begin rolling so they can complete it in one take.

Despite Jang Nara’s passionate acting as she grabs Pyo Ye Jin by her collars and slaps Lee Sang Yoon across the face, the director informs her that it was an NG (No Good) cut. Jang Nara immediately apologizes, but Lee Sang Yoon assures her that her slap didn’t hurt at all. After they film their second take, Lee Sang Yoon jokingly accuses Pyo Ye Jin of laughing when he got slapped. The three actors finish shooting the intense scene in high spirits.

The next clip features Lee Sang Yoon and Pyo Ye Jin sitting at a dining table together for a scene in which Park Sung Joon invites Ohn Yoo Ri over for a birthday meal. After noticing the well-prepared food, Pyo Ye Jin comments, “Who would divorce [Park Sung Joon]!” to which the director teases, “Yoo Ri! It’s because of you.” After the actors eat the delicious meal together, Lee Sang Yoon comments, “I’m just seeing how good it really is.” When a cake is brought in, Lee Sang Yoon digs his fork into the side that the camera will not be capturing and innocently says, “We have to know the condition of the props to really immerse into the scene.”

Watch the full clip below!

“VIP” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST.

Watch the latest episode here!

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