Watch: IU And Yeo Jin Goo’s New Drama “Hotel Del Luna” Previews Grand Opening In First Teaser

On June 1, tvN released the first teaser for upcoming drama “Hotel Del Luna”!

The drama stars IU as Jang Man Wol, the beautiful but greedy CEO of Hotel del Luna who has been stuck there for the past millennium after an accident, and Yeo Jin Goo as Goo Chan Sung, the new manager of the hotel. Jang Man Wol can only escape the hotel if she finds someone who has committed a crime worse than hers, but she cannot remember what her crime was. In the meantime, she must run this hotel, whose guests are solely ghosts.

In the teaser, a giant moon ominously rises in the background while scenes of the bustling city of Seoul are shown.

The producers stated, “The video that was released today was inspired by the super moon in Los Angeles, United States. The mysteriousness of the moon, which symbolizes the CEO of Hotel del Luna Jang Man Wol, foreshadows the special events that will take place here [at the Hotel]. We will bring a drama that meets the viewers’ expectations, so we ask for your anticipation and interest.”

Other cast members include Jung Dong Hwan, Shin Jung Geun, Bae Hae Sun, Block B’s P.O, gugudan‘s Mina, Seo Yi Sook, and Jo Hyun Chul.

A making video from their first script reading was also recently revealed.

“Hotel Del Luna” will air some time this July. Check out the teaser below!

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