Watch: ITZY And Super Junior’s Heechul Dance To I.O.I’s “Pick Me” And T-ara’s “Bo Peep” Together

ITZY and Super Junior’s Kim Heechul proved their encyclopedic knowledge of girl group songs on the latest episode of “Ask Us Anything”!

During the July 13 episode of the JTBC variety show, ITZY challenged Heechul to a girl-group edition of the “1-second” guessing game, in which the competitors listen to the very first second of a song and then attempt to guess what it is.

Although Heechul is famous for being a master of the game—and for his impressive knowledge of girl group choreographies—the ITZY members were completely confident in their own abilities, with Ryujin jokingly declaring, “All we do is eat and listen to girl group songs.”

Sure enough, it took ITZY less than a second to guess the first song, 4minute’s “What’s Your Name.” The “Ask Us Anything” cast expressed their amazement at how quickly the girl group had figured out the correct answer—even before any melody or vocals could help point them in the right direction. Although ITZY also knew the next song (Girls’ Generation’s “Oh!”), Heechul was a split second faster, and he won the point.

Heechul also managed to beat ITZY by a fraction of a second for the third song, T-ara’s “Bo Peep,” and he immediately began dancing the famous choreography, with the girl group and his fellow cast members joining in. However, after the “Ask Us Anything” production staff decided that their dancing hadn’t been passionate enough, ITZY stepped up to the plate to show off their moves. In the end, Heechul wound up winning the point with his “extra-cute” version of the choreography.

The next question proved no match for ITZY, with several members immediately recognizing it as the start of I.O.I’s “Pick Me.” All five ITZY members then danced in unison to the song, with Heechul passionately joining in as well. Afterwards, Seo Jang Hoon jokingly commented, “You looked like a 6-member group.”

Check out the clip of ITZY and Heechul dancing to “Bo Peep” and “Pick Me” below!

You can also watch a recent episode of “Ask Us Anything” with English subtitles here:

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