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In the latest episode of studio lululala‘s YouTube series Latte World, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu got sent on a mission to find out all about the mysterious outdoor gym membership at the beautiful Namsan Mountain in Seoul.

As soon as Sunggyu reached the recreational area, he witnessed a group of senior citizens recreating Cirque du Soleil’s extreme gymnastic tricks.

The endearing grandpas welcomed Sunggyu in to the exclusive Namsan Gym Rats Club and immediately began training him to be the next lean, mean, spinning machine…


… except Sunggyu didn’t quite have it in him!

From there on, throughout the episode, in ring exercises…


… to bar exercises…

… and even deadlifts…

Sunggyu kept getting his butt kicked by the healthiest senior citizens of Seoul!


Though Sunggyu became inevitably titled the noobiest member of the Namsan Gym Rats Club, the seniors — and INSPIRITs watching at home too — fell in love with Sunggyu’s bright and friendly energy.

Sunggyu final

Watch the full video here:

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