Watch: INFINITE’s L And Shin Hye Sun Are Carefree While Filming Kiss Scene For “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”

KBS released a new behind-the-scenes video of “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”!

The video features actress Shin Hye Sun and INFINITE’s L filming their kiss scene. The two start off by rehearsing their lines together. Despite their upcoming kiss scene, they are relatively calm and relaxed. Shin Hye Sun says her line and then pretends to peck L, who responds with surprise.

They discuss the scene with the director, and at Shin Hye Sun’s cute and lively acting, L comments, “You’re bright.” While practicing his line in front of the director, L accidentally says “drink less” instead of “dance less” and bursts into embarrassed laughter at his own mistake.

To liven up the atmosphere, L holds up a wine glass and jokes, “Cheers to the look your eyes,” causing Shin Hye Sun to laugh unexpectedly. Then L practices his lines once more, and Shin Hye Sun casually comments, “That’s cute.” The two practice over and over again until the official filming begins.

Once the start sign is given, the two actors immerse fully into their respective roles and create a heart-fluttering kiss scene.

Watch the making video below!

Catch the latest episode of “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” here:

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