Watch: Honey Lee, Lee Sang Yoon, And More Are Full Of Smiles Despite Different Obstacles On The Set Of “One The Woman” – KpopHit

SBS has shared a new charismatic making-of clip for “One the Woman”!

The video starts with the hospital scene where Honey Lee wakes up while loudly sleep-talking. After a few rehearsals, she gets the perfect take that cause the crew on set to crack up.

The next scene is a car action scene filmed outside where Lee Sang Yoon and Honey Lee’s car spins out of control. To maximize safety, they diligently practice the timing of the scene and start filming with all the necessary measures in place. When asked how it feels to be in the spinning car, Lee Sang Yoon answers, “It’s faster than I thought. I thought it’d spin slowly.” Honey Lee adds, “It’s chaotic. It feels like it’s over as soon as it starts.”

As the pair continue the scene, Honey Lee gets ready to exit the car when she hilariously tries to get out before taking off her seat belt.

Later, Honey Lee is filming with Lee Won Geun and runs through each of her movements in detail. After being interrupted by passing motorcycles, car horns, and rain, Honey Lee doesn’t lose her spirit as she sings out, “Even if it rains! Even if it snows! Even if the wind blows! We will film.”

Watch the clip below! Catch “One the Woman” every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. KST.

Start watching the show with subtitles here!

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