Watch: “Her Private Life” Actress Park Jin Joo Brainstorms Ideas For A YouTube Channel In Preview For “The Manager”

MMA fighter Kim Dong Hyun and “Her Private Life” actress Park Jin Joo will be appearing in next week’s episode of “The Manager”!

On July 13, the reality show aired a preview starring the two celebrities.

In the clip, Kim Dong Hyun had nothing but questions for his manager who stated that it felt as if they were growing more distant the more they talked.

Park Jin Joo then gave a peek at her sibling-like chemistry with her manager. The two had a blast singing and drinking together before the actress talked about her plans for launching a YouTube channel. They exchanged ideas and soon realized the unexpected difficulties of opening a beauty content channel on YouTube.

Catch this episode of “The Manager” when it airs on July 20. Check out the preview below:

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