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tvN has released a new behind-the-scenes look at “When My Love Blooms”!

The video begins with Jeon So Nee, who plays the young Yoon Ji Soo, introducing the day’s filming site. She works hard to peel cloves of garlic and engages in friendly banter with the director, who jokes that she can’t go home until she finishes peeling the whole pile of garlic.

GOT7’s Jinyoung, who plays Han Jae Hyun during his college days, prepares to film a scene with Han Jae Hyun’s mother. She asks him why he’s wearing a wig when he’s just going to wear a hat on top of it, and the director explains that it’s better to wear a hat for continuity. Jinyoung also marvels at the large bowl of rice on the table. He carefully takes a scoop of rice during filming, but the moment the scene ends he carefully places the rice back into the bowl and pats it down to prepare for the next take.

Next, Han Jae Hyun’s and Yoon Ji Soo’s older counterparts Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Bo Young create a lighthearted atmosphere before filming a scene in which they have a serious conversation. Lee Bo Young also proves her acting skills when she mistakenly knocks her glass against a bottle but carries on with her lines as if nothing unusual had happened. Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Bo Young then carry out their emotional kiss scene without a hitch.

Finally, Jeon So Nee and Jinyoung get together to read some interesting comments left by the drama’s viewers. Jeon So Nee reads the first comment, which says, “If Jae Hyun studied and got into law school I would have kept following him around.” Jinyoung jokes that while the viewer might get into law school, he definitely wouldn’t have.

Jinyoung reads the next comment about how cute Jeon So Nee is when she eats. Jinyoung asks her how the filming went for that scene, and she responds, “The director told me to act like I was eating ice cream. I tried so hard to eat casually but it was so hot and Jae Hyun kept giving me kimchi.” Jinyoung defends his decision by saying, “I just wanted to express Jae Hyun’s feelings by feeding you more.”

The pair then reads other comments, such as “His voice and face, everything about him is perfect first love material.” Another viewer jokes, “Jae Hyun, I don’t think you’re in law school, I think you’re the top student in the ‘Date Me’ school.” Jinyoung flatly responds, “I’m in law school. I intentionally didn’t apply for ‘Date Me’ school,” making Jeon So Nee laugh. The video ends with Jinyoung and Jeon So Nee thanking viewers for leaving comments.

Watch the entire making-of video below!

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