Watch: Golden Child Collaborates With Hyun Jin Young In Legendary “Immortal Songs” Performance

Three Golden Child members stood on the stage of KBS’s “Immortal Songs” for the first time in an epic collaboration with Hyun Jin Young!

On the February 15 episode, popular singers from the 1990s (Hyun Jin Young, Lee Jae Young, Kim Joon Sun, Emerald Castle, Yukgaksu, and Space A) remade their hit songs for the 2020s. For this episode, a special judging panel of 20 KBS announcers was assembled.

Performing fourth on the episode was Hyun Jin Young, a ’90s hip-hop artist who remade his hit song “You Faded in My Memory.” SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man was the general director for the production during the original recording of this song. The song was also the title track off Hyun Jin Young’s second studio album and held the top spot on KBS’s “Gayo Top 10” for five weeks at the time of its release.

For the 2020 version, Golden Child’s Jangjun, TAG, and Donghyun joined Hyun Jin Young on stage and swept the passionate audience to their feet. In a backstage interview, Hyun Jin Young said, “Golden Child, who is really hot these days, is joining me. I practiced with them beforehand and I told them to call me hyung. But they said that their moms are the same age as me…”

Check out the performance below!

In the end, Hyun Jin Young (feat. Golden Child) beat out three other performers to take the final win on the show.

Watch the latest episode of “Immortal Songs” here:

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