Watch: Go Won Hee And Shinhwa’s Eric Bicker Over Food In Fun New Teaser For Upcoming Rom-Com – KpopHit

Upcoming Channel A drama “Eccentric! Chef Moon” has released a fun new teaser!

The romantic comedy will tell the story of Yoo Yoo Jin (Go Won Hee), a reckless world-famous fashion designer who suffers from memory loss but experiences love, growth, and success after meeting star chef Moon Seung Mo (played by Eric).

The teaser is atmospheric, with Moon Seung Mo preparing a dish with meticulous care. He says, “Food is a war. In the battle where ingredients become bullets, you must be colder than anyone.” The moment turns comedic however when he finds the ice water he dunked his hands into too cold for his liking.

Things return to being serious as he says, “You have to be more exact than anyone.” Yoo Yoo Jin looks expectant as Moon Seung Mo says, “Food is a war. A soundless war dedicated to the person you love,” shedding a tear. However, he pushes her away from the food and says, “Tasty romance that you don’t want to share,” stuffing his face with the food he just made and teasing the fun romantic comedy the show will be.

“Eccentric! Chef Moon” premieres on March 6 at 10:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki. Check out the teaser below!

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