Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Ailee, Jamie, KARD’s Jiwoo, And More Perform On “Good Girl” + 1st Round Winner Announced – KpopHit

Mnet’s “Good Girl” has kicked off with its first round performances!

The network’s new hip hop reality show aims to shine a spotlight on female hip-hop and R&B artists by having them team up to complete quests that involve performing and competing against the show in order to win a prize. Its cast members include Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Cheetah, Ailee, Jamie (formerly Park Jimin), Lee Young Ji, Sleeq, CLC’s Yeeun, Yunhway, KARD’s Jiwoo, and QUEEN WA$ABII.

The show premiered on May 14 with the contestants performing their first mission: a “Crew Exploration” round that allowed them to show off their skills as fellow contestants decided if they wanted to be in a unit with them. Each artist took to the stage and either performed their own tracks or covers. The first episode showcased performances by Cheetah, Yeeun, QUEEN WA$ABII, Lee Young Ji, and Sleeq.

On the May 21 episode, their first mission continued with performances by Yunhway, Jiwoo, Jamie, Hyoyeon, and Ailee.

Check out all their performances below!

Cheetah – “Crazy Diamond”

Yeeun – “Black Dress (Remix)”

QUEEN WA$ABII – “Hi, Baby” and “Look at My!”

Lee Young Ji – “Dark Room”

Sleeq – “Here I Go”

Yunhway – “Polaroid” and “What Do You Know About Me”

Jiwoo – “Take You Down” (original by Chris Brown)

Jamie – “Gangsta” (original by Kehlani)

Hyoyeon – “Press” (original by Cardi B)

Ailee – “Headlock”

In the end, the event’s first place winner was determined through votes from the special audience to be Lee Young Ji. She therefore won 5 million won (approximately $4,060) of “flex money” to spend as she wanted, and she decided to use it to buy gifts for the cast members.

Their next mission was to go to a two-day-and-one-night song camp, with the goal of making the best two-member unit and performing together on the second day. The pair that’s crowned as the “best unit” will win flex money as a prize.

The contestants ended up forming duos of Lee Young Ji and QUEEN WA$ABII, Jamie and Ailee, Yunhway and Yeeun, Jiwoo and Cheetah, and Hyoyeon and Sleeq.

Watch Lee Young Ji and QUEEN WA$ABII stage the first duo performance below!

What was your favorite performance on “Good Girl” so far?

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