Watch: Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Is Pressured To Step Up As Her Company’s President In Teaser For “Miss Lee”

tvN’s upcoming drama “Miss Lee” has shared a new preview featuring Girl’s Day’s Hyeri!

“Miss Lee” is an office comedy about people who struggle to survive at a small electronics company that is in danger of going out of business. Hyeri will take on the role of Lee Sun Shim, the bookkeeper at Chung Il Electronics who suddenly gets promoted to CEO of the company despite her lack of qualifications.

In the clip, the employees of Chung Il Electronics are visibly confused as a group of people try to find the company’s CEO. Amidst the chaos, Lee Sun Shim is pushed forward, and assistant manager Myung In Ho (played by Kim Ki Nam) happily comments, “She’s the next president of the company.”

As Lee Sun Shim takes on her role as the next CEO of Chung Il Electronics, she chases down Department Head Yoo Jin Wook (played by Kim Sang Kyung), a realist who knows the bitter taste of life better than anyone. She earnestly comments, “Every time I didn’t know what to do, and I asked you about it, you’ve taught me how to do it.”

One employee optimistically comments, “Don’t you think our company can survive now?” as Lee Sun Shim and the other workers cheer and clap. Another person says, “Miss Lee, you’re better than I expected,” hinting at the close relationship between the employees and the future of Chung Il Electronics.

Check out the clip below!

“Miss Lee” will premiere on September 25 at 9:30 p.m. KST as a follow-up to “When the Devil Calls Your Name.” Check out official posters for the drama here!

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