Watch: FTISLAND’s Minhwan And Yulhee Share Sweet Moment During Fun Surprise For Their Son

On the June 5 episode of KBS’s “Mr. House Husband,” FTISLAND’s Minhwan prepared a surprise for their son, Jaeyul.

Although Yulhee tried to stop him from doing too much, Minhwan bought his son 210,000 won (about $180) worth of toys out of regret that he wasn’t able to spend more time with him because of FTISLAND’s concerts abroad.

One of the toys included an inflatable pool that he filled with water. Minhwan commented, “This is nice when you do it at home” and Yulhee said, “It feels like a home vacation.”

Yulhee then playfully shot Minhwan with water from a toy water gun and Minhwan did the same to her in response, though he said, “What happens to our house if we do this?” Their antics made their son squeal in laughter as he crawled around the floor outside of the pool.

Later, in an interview, Minhwan said, “I’ve never played with Jaeyul at a pool or a beach, but I’ve also never done that with Yulhee either.”

Yulhee said, “It felt like the times when we played around while we were dating.”

Check out the cute clip below!

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