Watch: DAY6 Shares Prologue Film Titled “The Book Of Us”

DAY6 has released a new teaser!

The prologue film was released on June 30 at midnight KST and is titled “The Book of Us.” It opens with a computer at a table, but the screen soon expands into a book that fills with words as someone types into it.

The voice-over says, “The wind has faith in the wings of the birds trying to fill the emptiness. Even if the words written in the air are scattered, even if we let our busy days go to the sky and live our lives. It may be meaningless to put flowers in an empty vase, or pick out stationery paper for someone you may write a letter to someday, but on the day that I fill your empty hand with mine, I know that a bird will fly toward us. I don’t long for a heart or wander around trying to find meaning. Meaning is something we make, rather than find. When you find meaning, you find hearts. The wind has faith in people who try to fill the emptiness.”

Check out the clip below!

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