Watch: Choi Siwon Takes On The Life Of A Political Candidate In “My Fellow Citizens” Making Video

KBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “My Fellow Citizens” has released new behind-the-scenes footage of the cast working hard to create the best scenes!

The video starts with Super Junior’s Choi Siwon pointing at a special camera and talking about how this was the first time the camera was ever being used in a Korean drama. However, when the director corrected him, Choi Siwon laughed at first before quickly putting a different spin on it by saying, “This is the first time this camera is being used in this specific location!”

The camera was then put to the test as Choi Siwon and Heo Jae Ho carried out an action scene that was fast-paced. They pulled it off effortlessly and they didn’t forget to watch over their scenes intently to make sure they created the best possible moment.

Laughter never leaves the set as the cast members joke around, add comical elements to their scenes through improvisation, and do their best. They go through the process of what real politicians do when they campaign, and Choi Siwon doesn’t forget to advertise the drama when cameras aren’t rolling while they’re on a campaign truck.

Check out the fun video below!

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