Watch: Choi Jin Hyuk Is Determined To Get Revenge In “Rugal”

OCN’s upcoming drama “Rugal” has revealed a new teaser!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Rugal” stars Choi Jin Hyuk as Kang Ki Bum, an elite detective who attempts to bring down a nationwide criminal organization named Argos. In the process, he ends up being targeted by the powerful criminals behind Argos, and not only does he lose his beloved wife and both of his eyes, but he is also framed for murder. After joining an organization named Rugal, which has gathered a team of “human weapons” with special powers created through biotechnology, Kang Ki Bum receives a set of artificial eyes and sets out on a quest to wipe out Argos once and for all.

In the new teaser, Kang Ki Bum is brought to the hospital, having lost both of his eyes. He narrates, “Because even being alive is humiliating.”

In the next scene, Ki Bum looks in the mirror a new set of artificial eyes, and we hear him say, “You’re going to make me see again?” Choi Geun Chul (played by Kim Min Sang) responds, “Under the condition that you become my agent.”

Hwang Deuk Gu, the leader of Argos (played by Park Sung Woong), says, “Try coming after me until the end,” and Ki Bum says, “I’m going to pay you back for every bit, no, several times what you did to me.”

“Rugal” premieres March 28.

Watch the teaser below!

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