Watch: BTS Drops Cozy And Intimate “On My Pillow” Version Of “Life Goes On” MV – KpopHit

BTS has surprised with a new version of their “Life Goes On” music video!

While several scenes in the official “Life Goes On” music video featured shots of the members hanging out at home, this new “on my pillow” version is filmed in a single take in the bedroom as the members sing their comforting new track in pajamas surrounded by pillows.

The original “Life Goes On” music video garnered an impressive 67.7 million views on YouTube according to the real time count in its first 24 hours. The new album “BE” sold more than 2 million copies in less than 24 hours and topped iTunes charts in at least 90 regions around the world.

Check out the “on the pillow” version of “Life Goes On” below!

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