Was X1's Son Dongpyo acting out of line on 'Doremi Market'? ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: X1 Son Dongypo’s attitude controversy ‘rude, hard to watch’ vs ‘just variety show wit’

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+2,045, -26] Well if you ask him to be witty one more time, he’ll probably think it’s appropriate to slam a senior’s head down. He has no idea what the difference between being fun and being rude is, he needs to stay off of TV. It doesn’t matter whether he himself thinks he’s funny, it’s whether the viewers find him funny and if the viewers think he’s being rude, then he’s being rude.

2. [+1,809, -27] This is called wit nowadays? ㅋ I was wondering what was wrong with him when he was being c*cky and acting cutesy. He made me never want to see him again.

3. [+1,724, -25] Looks like anyone can be an idol nowadays

4. [+175, -1] I couldn’t watch him because of his facial expressions and the way he talked… he’s a rookie, he should be acting like one, and yet his attitude was just hard to watch.

5. [+160, -1] The fact that he was picked at all for the group proves it was rigged

6. [+157, -1] Someone around him needs to put him in place. He’s under controversy in every TV show he goes on…

7. [+145, -0] He’s a high schooler who acts more like a choding

8. [+140, -0] Wit? More like he lacks wit

9. [+128, -0] He’s not funny, he pays no mind to what’s going on, he’s c*cky… I just never understood how he was chosen at all. His height doesn’t even match the other members too.

10. [+123, -0] His character is rock bottom because he got to debut comfortably under a rigged system

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