V's (BTS) solo song reached Rolling Stone's top 100 best songs of 2023

V's (BTS) solo song is in Rolling Stone's top 100 best songs of 2023 - Photo 1.

Rolling Stone recently published a list of the 100 best songs in 2023. This is this prestigious newspaper's annual list to honor songs that are considered to have the best lyrics and melodies in a single year. year. Among them, BTS fans were extremely excited when they realized that member V was also on this year's list.

Specifically, songs Rainy Days included in the debut album Layover V's was ranked 58th on the list. In terms of K-Pop solo artists alone, V is the 4th highest ranked artist on Rolling Stone's list.

Before talking about the male idol, this magazine emphasized that BTS's solo projects all have their own unique musical personalities. However, V is the member with the deepest love for R&B, soul and jazz. Talking about V and the song Rainy Daysthe magazine said: “V expressed his nostalgia with Rainy Days, Humming on a lonely piano in a laid-back rhythm as he explores the subtleties of his baritone voice. As a result, the song has new joy, a new look and a quite gentle quietness.”

Notably, V's solo song was also praised by British magazine NME, acknowledging the musical emotions that the male idol brings. This magazine confirms Rainy Days “touched the listeners' hearts like the dim light of a jazz bar, bringing the simultaneous feelings of 2023 and 1923”.

This is the opening song for the solo album Layover and is the main color for this album. Instead of too much complexity. V focuses on his vocal skills and maximizes his emotional voice. This is also considered the song that most clearly shows how V expresses music through his voice.

Source: Kenh14.vn

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