VIXX’s Ravi Tricks Taemin Into Telling Him The Title Of His New Song Without Him Even Knowing

VIXX‘s Ravi revealed chat messages between other K-Pop idols through his Instagram stories as he received texts regarding his new album release.

In the text messages between SHINee‘s Taemin and Ravi, Taemin asks him what the title of the new song is. Ravi answers by saying “Don’t Ask” as Taemin reveals that he will try to release a song with the same name before him.

Fans who saw their interaction couldn’t help but swoon at just how cute their relationship was.

Later however, it was revealed that his new album was actually called Don’t Ask! So Ravi was indeed telling Taemin the title of his album but the way it was worded in their message made it look like he wasn’t going to tell Taemin!

Who’s excited for this new single release featuring Ailee! We most certainly are!

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