vixx ravi, ravi songs, ravi copyrights

VIXX‘s Ravi is well-known for being talented and having numerous songs copyrights under his name.

On the show “South Korean Foreigners” to air on Nov. 6, Ravi reveals the number of songs registered under his name for copyright. He said that he started to make songs when he was 19-year-old and that he had the impressive number of about 140 copyrighted songs.

vixx ravi, ravi songs, ravi copyrights

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Ravi also founded his own hip-hop label GROOVL1N in June. Along with label mates, he released title track ‘STILL NIRVANA’ on Aug. 29 along with his fourth mixtape “Nirvana II”, check it below.

Ravi will be releasing his third mini-album “Limitless” in two parts and a MV to be released on Nov. 8.

Are you impressed by the number of songs he wrote?


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