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VICTON’s Han Seung Woo will be back with a solo release next month!

On May 4, the artist’s agency Play M Entertainment announced, “Han Seung Woo has confirmed his second solo album release for June. He is working hard to return with high-quality music so please look forward to it.”

Han Seung Woo made his first solo release last August with “Fame,” four years after his debut with VICTON. He went on to top the iTunes Top Albums Chart in 11 regions with the album, which he partook in composing and lyric-writing for. “Fame” also surpassed 30,000 copies sold on the day of release, hitting No. 1 on Hanteo’s daily chart.

Following VICTON’s debut in 2016 with “I’m fine,” the group developed their discography with songs such as “Remember Me” and “Time of Sorrow.” They had their first win three years after debuting and released their first full-length album at the beginning of this year.

As for Han Seung Woo, the artist showcased his vocal, performance, and songwriting skills while competing in “Produce X 101” and went on to sing for the OST of “Hyena,” participate in pictorials, and take on acting.

Are you excited for Han Seung Woo’s comeback as a solo artist?

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