Update: Kim Woo Bin And Jo In Sung Attend Ceremonial Event For Buddha’s Birthday + Agency Responds

Updated March 14 KST:

On May 14, a source from Kim Woo Bin’s agency SidusHQ Entertainment responded to reports of the actor’s attendance at a public event for Buddha’s Birthday.

The source stated, “We are unable to know in detail about Kim Woo Bin’s religious activities. It seems that he privately attended the event by Jungto Society due to his personal friendship with Jo In Sung.”

They added, “The agency also found out about Kim Woo Bin’s attendance at the event through news footage. Since one’s religion is such a private matter, the agency is unable to know whether actors attend church, mass, or temple.”

The source also shared an update on Kim Woo Bin’s health. “Kim Woo Bin is currently healthy and doing well. Just as he revealed through his fan cafe before, Kim Woo Bin safely completed all of his necessary treatments and is going through regular follow-up examinations.”

“The reports of his return from the beginning of the year are still just reports. Nothing has been confirmed regarding Kim Woo Bin’s return and future promotions. The agency also puts Kim Woo Bin’s health as its top priority and wishes for his fast recovery and return to the industry,” concluded the source.

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Original Article:

Kim Woo Bin and Jo In Sung have been spotted at an event together!

The Buddhist True Network aired news footage from a ceremonial event held for Buddha’s Birthday on May 15. Notable figures including Seoul mayor Park Won Soon, novelist Kim Hong Shin, and more attended the event by Jungto Society.

Actors Kim Woo Bin and Jo In Sung were also in attendance at the event and were shown in the news coverage.

The actors can be seen below at the 0:38 mark:

Jo In Sung most recently starred in the film “The Great Battle” and is working on selecting his next project. Kim Woo Bin has been on break since 2017 to focus on treatment and recovery from nasopharyngeal cancer.

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