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A K-Pop girl group teased their debut on November 20, 2023, but was instantly called into question for looking too fake. The five-member group, iii, will make their official debut in 2024. They plan to have a pre-debut track before then.

Teaser image for the group. | iii

The members consist of Yan

Teaser image for the group. | iii

…and Nicole, a Hong Konger. She is the only foreign member in the group.

Teaser image for the group. | iii

There’s also ViVi

Teaser image for the group. | iii

…and Evie.

Teaser image for the group. | iii

Last but not least, we have Ahra.

Teaser image for the group. | iii

They hail from the agency Big Ocean ENM. They will be the company’s first girl group. What netizens are suspicious of, is how perfect they all look! Many claim that it is to the point of being uncanny. The members all look similar as well. What’s more, is that their agency is originally a multi-entertainment agency was created after the merger of SuperMoon Pictures, a drama production company, and Gom Pictures, a movie production company. They combined with music and performance planning company The Groove Company in 2020. With visual produciton experience under their belt, it would not be hard to create an AI group.

Netizen reactions. | Theqoo
  • They all look the same.
  • Is it AI? They look super AI.
  • Seems like they edited using AI.
  • Isn’t it an AI group?
  • Ryusia? (An AI singer)
  • It’s not even confirmed that they are AI, so why is everyone speaking like it is confirmed…? What are you all going to do if it just turns out to be weird edits? Is there any article out that promotes them as AI, that only I don’t know about?
  • Seems like they just copied and pasted the commonly seen faces on Instagram.
  • There’s like two articles about them when I search them up…

Stay tuned to find out if the group is truly AI, or if this is just a clever promotional tactic!

Author: Jasmine Turner from www.koreaboo.com


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